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Seton Hall vs. DePaul game recap: 3 things we learned from the Blue Demons' victory

The Pirates’ two-game winning streak comes to an end as they fall to DePaul 73-62 in Rosemont. Here are three things we learned from the game.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

1. Crockett, Garrett Jr. can carry DePaul

Jamee Crockett and Billy Garrett Jr. combined for 41 points in the game as DePaul improves to 4-2 in the Big East at home this season. The two losses to DePaul are the two worst for the Pirates this season based on RPI, which could hurt The Hall come March. Crockett and Garrett hit 15 of their 27 shots from the field. It seemed that Crockett was carrying DePaul for most of the game and Garrett was able to finish the job late.

DePaul shot the lights out of the basketball at 50.8 percent from the field despite only making 5-of-21 from beyond the arc. The Blue Demons can compete with anyone in the Big East at home and are back in prime position in the conference. When Crockett and Garrett are playing this well they will win of most nights.

2. Sterling Gibbs needs help

Gibbs had 21 points to lead the Pirates in this game on 6-of-14 shooting from the field. He added five rebounds, four assists and three steals. However, no one was able to help him in this game. Isaiah Whitehead had 14 points, but shot only 3-for-10 from the field and got most of his points from the free throw line. The upperclassmen really struggled in this one as Jaren Sina and Brandon Mobley combined for just seven points and three rebounds.

When the Pirates are not getting balanced scoring they have trouble, especially on the road. Many on Twitter said that the Pirates had trouble getting to the game because of the weather, but that is no excuse in a double digit loss. Help for Gibbs is needed going forward.

3. Isolation and lack of ball movement cost Pirates

Seton Hall only had five assists on the night and Gibbs had four of them. The ball movement was lacking and there was too much isolation. In the half court, the blue and white get stagnant, which leads to turnovers.

If the Pirates settle for too many jump shots and do not move the ball around they are not able to have success on offense. When The Hall gets out in transition they are dangerous, but tonight they were far from it, especially during the 14-1 DePaul run that finished the game.