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Gus Johnson and Jim Jackson to call Big East Tournament semis and final

Bill Raftery will be calling the Big Ten Tournament for CBS.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of a surprising move, the leading color commentator for Big East Basketball on Fox Sports 1, Bill Raftery, will not be calling the semifinals or finals of the Big East Tournament, per SI's Richard Deitsch.

Gus Johnson and Jim Jackson will be on the call while Raftery is calling the Big Ten Tournament for CBS.

Tournament season will be quite busy for the legendary commentator, as it was announced last month that he will be calling his first career Final Four.

Raftery's contract allows him to work for CBS and FOX Sports, though it is a bit baffling the Big East and FOX would be okay with letting their leading commentator be absent for the biggest basketball event the network has this season, especially in place of Jackson... who works for the Big Ten Network.