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#24 Providence vs. Seton Hall: 3-Point Preview

It is senior night at The Rock. As Seton Hall sends off their three seniors, we give you three things to keep an eye on as the Friars try to avoid an upset in Newark.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

1) Can Karlis do it again?

In the win over Creighton, senior Haralds Karlis led the way with 14 points and even knocked down three baskets from behind the arc. Without Sterling Gibbs, Karlis began his final home stand with his best performance in his career with the Pirates. On senior night, it will interesting to see how well he plays in his last game at The Rock.

Karlis is one of the hardest working players on the team and many around the team were extremely happy for him. It will be interesting to see if Karlis gets the start over Stephane Manga who started the game against the Bluejays. In the last home game for not only Karlis, but for Manga and Brandon Mobley expect the seniors to step up, especially early. It will interesting to see who leads The Hall in this one. If Karlis gets some looks at a three pointer early do not too surprised if he hits them. Shooters can get hot folks.

2) Gibbs is back, but he has to face Kris Dunn

Sterling Gibbs returns from his two-game suspension that saw his team go 1-1. After Seton Hall was able to hold on and beat Creighton, Gibbs was the happiest man in the building as he ran and hugged his teammates after the final buzzer. The Pirates were missing some scoring with him out of the lineup, especially in crunch time. Seton Hall will be thrilled to have him back on the court and he should have a big impact in this game.

Yes Gibbs is back, but he still has to face Kris Dunn who torched the Pirates in the first meeting. Dunn’s 19 points, eight assists and six steals were all crucial in the 69-62 win. This will be a fun matchup to watch since these two players are as good as it gets in the conference this season.

3) Henton hears a who?

Let’s not forget about Mr. LaDontae Henton folks. He is the conference’s best scorer at 20.4 points per game. Henton had 22 points and nine boards in the first meeting to go along with hitting 4-7 three pointers. My question is who is going to guard him for the Pirates? The answer is probably Angel Delgado, but what about when he steps out on to the perimeter? Yes, Mobley is an option, but the point is that Henton is arguably the toughest player to guard in the conference and Seton Hall can certainly attest to that.

If the Pirates can keep Dunn and Henton at bay, however, the Friars could be in some trouble as they do not really have any other scoring options. With that said, guarding them is easier said than done. This should be a fun game on senior night at The Rock.