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Big East Coast Bias Twitter Mailbag #3 - Thrice is Nice

Check out the third edition of our weekly Twitter Mailbag!

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Welcome! This is the THIRD installment of our soon-to-be weekly Twitter mailbag!

Here's a consistent weekly thing where we take YOUR questions on Twitter on a week-to-week basis.

So, let's get cracking, shall we?

Christopher Novak: Tough to say. Kris Dunn is certainly magnificent. Is he the kind of player to fit a Kemba Walker-type role and carry the Friars onwards towards a National Championship? He's absolutely a lottery pick but the Friars were are somewhat gashed with the loss of stud LaDontae Henton. If the Friars are to succeed at a high level, Dunn can't go into this alone. I think someone like Ben Bentil could be a huge benefactor for PC. IMO, I think the second weekend is the ceiling from an NCAA Tourney standpoint, and perhaps a berth in the Big East Championship Game if things pan out right.

Robert O'Neill: I really think Kris Dunn is good enough to get them to the NCAA Tourney. As Chris said, Ben Bentil is a guy that could help, but it'll be the Kris Dunn show first and foremost.

Christopher Novak: Funnily enough, I've experienced both of these circumstances. In 2007 and 2008 I was able to procure behind-the-basket seats to the Sweet 16 in East Rutherford and the 2K Sports Classic. In 2012 I sat out wide facing the baskets at the Sweet 16 in St. Louis. And I can say with certainty that my answer is... behind the basket. There's just a different feel to it by being that close and your perspective isn't totally ruined by it. Basketball is pretty unique in that regard.

Robert O'Neill: My two NCAA Tourney experiences were both straight away in the upper bowl, and they were both alright. I also went to the final Missouri/Kansas basketball game in Columbia, MO, and was behind the basket for that. Behind the basket is probably better, but I don't really mind being straight away either.

Christopher Novak: Why with a fire extinguisher of course.

But seriously, I think what it mostly boils down to is how the Pirates build off of the successes that they actually had last season. Namely, Angel Delgado. Our readers expect him to slump a bit but he's no doubt a very talented player. If we are to believe that Sterling Gibbs and Isaiah Whitehead quarreled as they rumored to have done, then Whitehead may be able to flourish a little bit more this year. I don't think they're an NCAA Tournament team as constructed, but I also didn't expect St. John's to be one last year. So, we'll see how things pan out.

Robert O'Neill: I really don't think Seton Hall is going to be that bad! They have a nice recruiting class, and, as Chris pointed out, if the GIbbs/Whitehead tension is to be believed, Gibbs is gone so Whitehead should be able to thrive. I would put them firmly on the bubble going into the season.

Christopher Novak: I can see that. I think this is a very tough question because we have no idea what to expect from Mullin in Year One. He has his hands full with a totally revamped lineup and roster, and also the fact that he has never coached before plays a big factor too. We'll see how it plays out but I definitely suspect that Mullin will incorporate some of his style of play into his coaching and schemes.

Robert O'Neill: In addition to never coaching at the college level, Mullin doesn't have a whole bunch to work with in his first year. I think we could see some shades of his own game, in addition to shades of Lou Carnesecca's style, as he and Mullin are very close.

Christopher Novak: If I'm the Big East and I'm looking to expand, I definitely pluck Dayton away. VCU is an interesting case as well, and I'm curious to see how they fare without Shaka Smart at the helm in Richmond anymore. SLU provides something interesting and since Creighton is out in the Great Plains, geography isn't super important.

Robert O'Neill: All along my answer has been Dayton and SLU, just because it makes the most geographic sense. VCU makes a bit of sense, too, but I don't have a ton of faith in them to continue what Shaka Smart started. At the same time, though, I suppose it's fair to not trust Dayton to sustain their success when Archie Miller inevitably jumps to a bigger job.