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Georgetown vs. Butler: Halftime Notes

After a strong start, Butler has fallen behind the surging Hoyas.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports


  • After a very sluggish start, the Hoyas went on a long run in the last 10 minutes of the first half to grab the lead
  • Jabril Trawick has nine points on 3-4 shooting, leading the Hoyas.
  • Mikael Hopkins has been a force: six points on 3-3 shooting and also four rebounds.
  • Joshua Smith picked up two fouls and was a bit of a non-factor in the half, which is a sentence I should just copy and paste in every Georgetown halftime notes.


  • Things could certainly be worse for the Bulldogs. They're lucky to still be in the game given the fact that Kellen Dunham has 0 points.
  • KAM WOODS DOUBLE-DOUBLE WATCH: seven points, seven boards. Well on his way.
  • in Andrew Chrabascz's first game back since breaking his hand, he's been a bit rusty. Two points on 1-5 shooting.
  • Jackson Aldridge got a start for the Bulldogs, due to it being Senior Night. Nice gesture from Chris Holtmann