WTF is going on with BECB?

I'm sorry, but the question has to be asked. What is going on with Big East Coast Bias?

My understanding is that the person who was the original prime blogger here was a Louisville fan. And he disappeared without another word right around the time Louisville announced it was going to the ACC.

(IMHO, that was incredibly un-professional on the part of Mengus22. But I digress...)

Now, we are in limbo, with no official updates since then. Only a couple fanposts and fanshots by the few of us that actually care.

What is going to happen with this site? It can't simply disappear.

Will it be turned over to fans of the new Big East, to focus on the Catholic Seven and the new generation of basketball immigrants? (No offense, J.P. Scott.)

Or will it be turned over to fans of the old Big East, to become a conference blog for the American Athletic Conference?

All I want is some sort of closure. We've been sitting in limbo here for five months. This is ridiculous.