Is the Big East Still Better than the ACC?

Despite being seemingly gutted by the ACC this past year, the Big East has shown, at least early on in the season, to still be the superior conference. In the most recent round of conference realignment, the ACC poached Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse to add to their collection of former Big East teams consisting of Boston College, Miami, and Virginia Tech. After this unfolding, the basketball-only Big East teams split from their football playing counterparts to form a new Big East. This new Big East has been called a shell of it's former self. However, that has not been the case so far this year.

As a conference, the Big East is 36-7 overall with a winning percentage of .837 of compared to the .728 winning percentage and 51-19 mark posted by the ACC. The Big East also holds five undefeated teams compared to the ACC's four. The ACC has five more teams in their conference. More importantly than those numbers is the head-to-head mark between the two conferences. The Big East is 2-0 against the ACC with wins coming from Providence over Boston College, and, most recently, Seton Hall over Virginia Tech. Future match ups include Syracuse at St. Johns on December 15, Syracuse vs Villanova on December 28, and Wake Forest at Xavier on December 28. With one more win out of these three, the Big East would post a wining record against the ACC in regular season play.

It may be early on, but the Big East has done a great job proving how legitimate it really is against the supposed number one power conference in college basketball. With future expansion, the Big East has the real potential of recapturing it's crown as the best basketball conference around.