An out-of-the-box Big East Expansion Plan (per huskymania's request)

 I know it wasn't actually a request, but ... from a discussion regarding the latest Big East big shots meeting:

I was hoping that something really interesting, out-of-box came out of this where everyone could say "hey, never thought of that, it might work" but just adding a couple of mid-level schools, at best, only delays the inevitable. Maybe it keeps the league together for a while but it doesn’t save anything and, personally, I would like to see all this junk over and done with. The football schools are going to have to separate from the non-football schools eventually. All this is just for show.

Ok, here's your out-of-the-box idea ... and this is ONLY for football (not for any other sports):




The Big East invites EVERYONE  from Conference USA to join the Big East for football, but ONLY  for football.

Eastern Division: Connecticut, Rutgers, West Virginia, Marshall, Cincinnati, Louisville, East Carolina, Central Florida, South Florida

Western Division: UAB, Memphis, Southern Miss, Tulane, Tulsa, SMU, TCU, Houston, Rice, UTEP


  • Each team plays a round-robin in its own division (no games against the other division)
  • Division winners meet for Big East championship game (and BCS bid)
  • Each team plays eight or nine conference games *


  • Additional media markets for "Big East football"
  • A few top-75 football teams (based on Sagarin rankings): Houston, SMU, Tulsa, So. Miss, UCF
  • No additional full members are added, so BE basketball is not weakened further
  • Big East football survives and maintains BCS AQ status
  • No more geographic outposts are added for non-football sports
  • USF, WVU and TCU get in-state football conference rivals
  • Current Big East schools get a presence in North Carolina (a great state for football recruiting)


  • Includes some really lousy football teams (Memphis, Tulane, UAB)
  • WVU will whine about traveling to Huntington to play
  • Divisions will have an uneven number of teams *
  • Big East football is dependent on C-USA for half of its teams

* Since the Big 12 might grab Houston or TCU, the divisions may end up balancing anyway; the Eastern Division could also add one football-only team, possibly Navy.


If you want something out of the box, I think that qualifies.

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