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What makes Manny Bates so special?

The NC State transfer averaged 9.8PPG and 5.9REB, to go with 2.7BPG in the 2020-21 season.

Gordon Hayward’s near-buzzer-beater almost turned the NCAA Tournament upside down

We revisit one of the biggest near-upsets of all time and the feelings felt from Butler fans then and now.

Bynum’s noisy impact for the Friars

Billy Donovan. Bryce Cotton. Kris Dunn. Jared Bynum? Luca Greco explores the possibility that the Friars have yet another great guard in tow.

The Providence v. Analytics Conundrum

We all know Providence is winning games and yet metrics still seem to not like them. Let’s dive into why and why no one should be mad about it.

Milwaukee: Home of the Big East’s Dark Horse

Are the Marquette Golden Eagles possible contenders for the Big East title?

Former Friar David Duke Jr. finds his way in the NBA with the Nets

Providence’s David Duke Jr. is finding his footing with the Nets

The sky’s the limit for the Friars in 2022

The Friars have set an early, strong tone this season. Our Luca Greco explains why he believes the sky is the limit.

Another disappointing season in Providence

The Friars have their backs up against the wall... again.

The Return of Akok Akok

Energy, Enthusiasm, and Blocked Shots

Is Taylor Swift’s Lover Album a Secret Ode to DePaul?

Is there a #RankDePaul banner hanging on Cornelia Street? BECB investigates.

Who Needs LL Bean Duck Boots for Winter When You Could Just Rank DePaul

I hope not to be banned from the state of Maine.

Your Horoscope for Today

DePaul is written in the stars. Not, like, legibly. But it’s there.

2019-2020 Villanova Season Preview

The Wildcats are back in town.

Big East Tournament Championship Game 2019: Seton Hall Pirates Perspective

The Pirates and their fans have no reason to hang their heads. They made a statement at Madison Square Garden even in defeat.

What’s up with Marquette’s slow starts?

Maybe don’t watch the first 10 minutes of either half.

2018-19 Villanova Wildcats Season Preview

How will the Wildcats wear the heavy crown of expectation?

Big East Media Day 2018 Sights and Bites

Catching up with your favorites before the season starts.

2018 NCAA Tournament Media Day Recap

Who ordered the piping hot Big East tea?

History shows that it’s no time to panic about Seton Hall

The Pirates may be in the midst of a tough stretch, but they are no strangers to this scenario.

What Jalen Brunson teaches us about Trae Young

We can learn lots about the OU superstar by glancing at Villanova’s.

Big East Christmas Lists 2017: Villanova

What do you get the friend who has everything?

Emmitt Holt’s injury will impact the Friars

With the senior forward officially out, where does Ed Cooley go from here?

Georgetown’s undergoing a change of the guard(s)

Patrick Ewing has brought a faster pace to the Georgetown offense, but his reliance on the frontcourt leaves the backcourt rotation uncertain.

Get to Know an Incoming Recruit: Villanova's Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree

Say hello to Villanova's freshman class.

Seconds Before a Championship

An ode to the nausea of Villanova fans everywhere.

Beyond the Numbers: The Legacy of Billy Garrett Jr.

Billy Garrett Jr.’s impact on the DePaul program is something that isn’t measured by wins, losses, or statistics.

St. John’s looks towards the future following loss to Villanova

The second year of the Chris Mullin era came to an end on Thursday, but the future remains bright in Queens.

Of Parallel Play: Christon and Sumner

The Musketeers have been shaped by the play of Edmond Sumner and Semaj Christon in this new era of the Big East.

Ish Sanogo: The Game Changer

The hype may be on the likes of Angel Delgado and Khadeen Carrington, but Ismael Sanogo is a key cog for the Seton Hall Pirates.

A Christmas Wishlist for the Creighton Bluejays

All I want for Christmas is 10 Justin Pattons.

Butler, Holtmann Proving They Are For Real

Chris Holtmann has led Butler forward after a rocky start to the post-Brad Stevens era. He’s exactly what the Bulldogs needed.

A GIF Compilation of Marcus Foster Dunks

Dunks are like your children: they’re all great and you love them all equally