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A GIF Compilation of Marcus Foster Dunks

Dunks are like your children: they’re all great and you love them all equally

NCAA Basketball: Buffalo at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

There are moments in our lives that we’ll never forget. Here’s a list of examples:

  • first kiss
  • first car
  • watching Die Hard for the third time
  • beating your dad in hoops for the first time
  • signing your first lease
  • eating apple pie for the first time
  • watching the ESPN 30 for 30 ‘You don’t know Bo’ for the first time
  • making love for the first and, if you’re like me, last time
  • getting married for the fourth time
  • the birth of your favorite child
  • watching Marcus Foster dunk a basketball

What comes in the following collection of gifs expands on that last bullet point, allowing you to re-live these fantastical dunks over and over and over again.

Even though Davion Mintz had trouble living though them hopefully you’ll be able to.

Here’s a song to sync up with the dunks! Enjoy.

vs Wisconsin

This was the coronation, the first mind-altering dunk for those innocent souls of America to see Mr. Foster in a Bluejay uniform rise up and destroy a basketball rim.

vs Loyola Maryland

With this dunk we were treated to a close up of the Bluejay Bench Theatre, starring Jordan Scurry losing his got dang mind and Kobe Paras eventually falling faint:

vs Buffalo

Please put this on my headstone for I will never see an in bounds play so brutal. Also note Toby Hegner, on the end of the bench, slyly tossing his towel to a Manajay in perfect sync with Maurice Watson Jr’s lob. Just like they drew it up!

vs Akron

This was a game for the ages that started with Foster receiving a commemorative basketball for scoring 1,000 points in his collegiate career. He proceeded to put on a phenomenal show of his talents, scoring 27 points on 11-19 shooting while amassing these three just mind-bending slams:

Oh my!



vs Longwood

He makes this look so easy but I bet if you asked him if it was easy he’d just smile and say, “yep.”

Justin Patton’s most excellent pass, with the perfect touch, allows us to peer lovingly at this gem.

That concludes this GIF compilation. Well done, Mr. Foster. Well done indeed. High fives all around.

Special thanks to White & Blue Review for their game clips on youtube.