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2015 Big East Media Day Creighton Recap Part 2: Notes, quotes and more from Coach McDermott and Geoffrey Groselle

In the second part of BECB's interviews with Creighton, Andrew Padyk spoke to head coach Greg McDermott and senior forward Geoffrey Groselle on what to expect this season and on their trip to Italy.

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Last season for the Bluejays was rough to say the least, as Creighton finished with an overall record of 14-19 and an in-conference record of 4-14.

Heading into this season, significant turnover for the program is occurring as a number of new players have been added to the roster, whether they be transfers or recruits. The turnover does bolster Creighton's lineup but there is still time to adjust.  On the subject of adjusting and their trip to Italy, Coach McDermott had this to say:

"You know I've been happy with the new guys, they're progressing well and I think our trip to Italy this summer, and the team practices and preparations was very valuable for them."

At the same time though, while the focus has been on the transfer and newcomers, there is still a lot of veteran depth there as Coach McDermott highlighted, that:

"Geoff Groselle is a fifth year player, James Milliken is a fifth year player, Cole Huff and Maurice Watson are very accomplished players at other schools.  So we know we're going to be having a dynamic in our lineup on the floor, some guys are really really experienced and obviously experience counts when you play."

When talking about rule changes taking effect this season across the NCAA, McDermott had an interesting remark of, "If they call it like it is written, then the Big East as we knew it no longer exists. Because they are not going to allow us to play the way we are used to, but it will be interesting to see in a month or so when the games start if they'll actually be called as close as they say."

His final remarks were on the slate of games, that Creighton will play before heading into conference play, and the impact it will have on this team.  On the manner of the schedule, McDermott had to say:

"We'll find out a lot about our team. I mean, part of me thinks maybe its too difficult of a stretch given the number of new faces we have, but we also have to find out where we are at and I think our games are going to tell us a lot.  They'll put us in situations that will help find where we will be in January, February, and March."

Senior forward Geoffrey Groselle brought an added touch to the remarks made by Coach McDermott on the team this season and their trip to Italy.  Groselle on the trip to Italy:

"The competition wasn't great, but, you know, to go over there and experience it was great for a lot of us and we got to do it together.  We played pro teams, but the team wasn't put together, they were missing players and stuff so they were pro teams but they kind of just scrounged up players.  As a whole it was a great trip and we got to go there and get to know everyone on a whole new level and what helped the most was the ten practices before Italy, cause not a lot of teams get to do that and those ten practices helped us out a lot."

On the subject of the schedule, Groselle followed up with:

"The Big East is the best conference in the nation, and having a bad nonconference schedule really hurts you cause you can come in all world and then have a reality check come Big East time.  We decided and Coach decided we should have a tough nonconference schedule in Indiana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and that's really gonna help you know us grow as a team and can really help show how good we are as well."

And this being his senior season, on a personal note Groselle hopes to accomplish in his final season:

"I just wanna win. That's my main part of why I am here and went to three consecutive NCAA Tournaments and wanna go back to one more."

Finally any game in particular for this season: " would be amazing if we could beat Nebraska five times in a row."