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Better Know a Recruit: DePaul’s Devin Gage

The Blue Demons nabbed a Windy City native last June who will hope to one day follow in the footsteps of another Chicago native who currently runs the floor.

Dibs, the Demons? mascot Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Back in June 2015, the DePaul Blue Demons scored their very first commit of their 2016 class. They didn’t have to go very far to find him, but Curie High School’s Devin Gage became the first to join the Blue Demons’ crop of 2016 recruits.

You may have heard of Curie High School if you follow college basketball. Recently, Cliff Alexander was one of the most talented players to ever step through the school as he would go on to play at Kansas as one of the nation’s top recruits. Another notable alum from Curie is WWE superstar Kalisto, whom we couldn’t resist mentioning (You know how things go at BECB by now. At least you should).

Anyways, Gage will hope to bolster a DePaul program that has had its noted struggles over the past few years. If he can come close to the outing he head against Simeon back in January, then the Blue Demons will certainly enjoy having him around.

(h/t Ballislife Midwest)

Gage had a terrific senior season at Curie as he helped lead them to a state championship, beating Benet back in March. Gage scored 23 points in that game, showing off the ability to take over a game on his own. Chicago hoops are no joke, so the fact that Gage was able to pull this kind of performance off should excite DePaul fans greatly. He’ll be facing stiff competition in the Big East too, but if those kinds of flashes recur when he takes the floor on the college level, he can certainly aid the struggling Blue Demons in ways that they desperately need.

Gage won’t likely be a starter from Day 1 as another Chicago point guard will already have that honor. Billy Garrett Jr. is set to wrap up an accomplished career at DePaul this season as the Blue Demons’ starting point guard but Dave Leitao may bring him into the fold on their second unit. The backcourt is a bit crowded; RJ Curington, Darrick Wood, Eli Cain and Erten Gazi hold spots at guard alongside fellow 2016 recruit Brandon Cyrus. But Gage’s talent may help bring him into the fold quickly if all goes well.

Is Gage the next man to follow in Garrett’s footsteps? It’s likely. Billy Garrett is likely First-Team All-Underappreciated for the work that he’s put in over the past four seasons.Even with a DePaul program that has been mired in its fair share of struggles, Garrett is one of the most successful players in recent history for the Blue Demons, and the impact that he’s made is tangible enough to notice if you look hard enough.

Gage is a heck of a talent as well, and if all goes right, he may very well follow in the footsteps of his Chitown peer when the time is right.