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2015 Big East Media Day DePaul recap: Notes, quotes and more

BECB talked with two standout Blue Demons at Big East Media Day on Wednesday in New York City.

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DePaul follows one of the three I's

If you know anything about the writers here at Big East Coast Bias, some of us tend to love our wrestling references. This writer never takes an opportunity to shy away from one, and one of Kurt Angle's three I's is being put to task by DePaul's coaching staff.

Junior guard Billy Garrett Jr. spoke to BECB on Wednesday at Media Day about a major change in the operations of practice under head coach Dave Leitao and his staff. The main word to remember? Intensity.

"Very intense," Garrett Jr. said whilst describing the differences in practice. "They're fiery coaches and they bring it every single day and they make sure we uphold the standard they set for us. They hold us accountable which is very important in having a good team."

And by his account, the Blue Demons are being put to the task. And it's working, too.

"Every single day they make sure we bring everything that we have," he said. "They're a tough coaching staff, and we're tougher because of it. They've done a great job making sure we'll be ready for our season opener."

Henry talks leadership

Former University of Illinois transfer Myke Henry has adjusted well in his new confines in Lincoln Park. The 6-foot-6, 238-pound forward from The Windy City logged double figures in 22 of the 32 games he started last season and picked up 12 points per game. In the midst of that, Henry, a seasoned veteran in the realm of college basketball has had the opportunity to showcase some leadership skills as well.

This, too, goes for Garrett Jr. who is entering his junior season. No longer a youngster, the fellow Chicagoan will be viewed highly by the five incoming freshmen this year on a very junior and senior-heavy squad.

"Well us being leaders, we've gotta teach the young ones what it's like," Henry said. "How to find their niche int he game I think it all comes down to us just being able to teach them and I feel like we'll be okay."

The offseason's going well. Thanks for asking!

For DePaul, a team that's had their struggles over the course of the last decade, getting off on the right foot is extremely important. They did a darn good job of that last year after starting 3-0 in Big East play before the wheels fell off. The preseason poll looked glamorous for Dave Leitao's club, being picked to finish 7th in the conference, which for the current standards would be a spectacular uptick to the seasons of the past. And according to Billy Garrett Jr., the offseason's been solid so far.

"We've been working pretty hard," Garrett Jr. said. "We got a chance to go to France, which gave us an opportunity to get out and get on the court a little earlier than usual and get some extra practices in. And kind of use that as a building block into some regular practices into October. We've been working hard and working defensively. Just trying to get better."


We'll have more on Big East Media Day, including quotes from DePaul head coach Dave Leitao coming at'cha. Stay tuned.