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Doug McDermott’s Best Moment As A Bluejay

So many great moments to choose from in the National Player of the Year's career, but one truly stands out amongst the rest.

Eric Francis

The culmination of an amazing, yet completely unexpected career at Creighton University. Four players were recognized on the the special day in front of a soldout crowd in Omaha, Nebraska.

The festivities started after a Creighton Bluejays win over the Providence Friars, and an incredible performance by Dougie McBuckets, himself, finishing the game with 34 points and hitting the 3,000 point mark on that very night.

"Doug has had a flair for the big games his entire career," McDermott’s father and coach Greg McDermott stated. "I can't think of a more fitting way for him to end a really great career at Creighton with the way he played tonight."

McDermott was escorted by his two parents, and was acknowledged of his many achievements with a framed jersey. He stood with his family at the center of the court and watched a highlight video of his career with Creighton.

The crowd was electric before Doug McDermott gave his speech, practically not allowing him to talk. There were too many thank yous to give. So many people that made the great journey possible. He even talked about when he wanted to quit basketball and become a manager under his dad, but his father talked him out of it.

A race of emotions went through the National Player of the Year, from hearing his name announced prior to the game to the hugs he shared with his family at the end of the night.

"It's about as good as it gets," Doug McDermott remarked. "I couldn't have dreamed of anything like this. It's just a surreal moment with so many great fans. We have a long ways to go."

Doug McDermott has won many awards in his career and has had many other remarkable games in his career, but Senior Night at Creighton University is his best moment in his young career.

"It was an incredible night," Greg McDermott said.