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So you drafted St. John's JaKarr Sampson?

Salutations, NBA team that scooped up the former Red Storm forward. Here's what you need to know about the newest piece of your franchise.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations (insert team name here) on drafting small forward JaKarr Sampson from the St. John's Red Storm somewhere in the late second round. If you nabbed him any later than that, or as an undrafted free agent, double congratulations to you on possibly one of the best steals in the draft!

With your pick you have attained, at the least, a freak of nature of an athlete. Coming from Akron, Ohio, Sampson's physical gifts are near that of fellow Akron product and current best player in the world LeBron James. Maybe you've heard of him. Sampson is also built very much like pre-draft LeBron, as both players measured out at 6-foot-8 around draft time, with James slightly outweighing Sampson.  Sampson has shown his physical abilities just about all season, and you might have just drafted one of the best big-time finishers that this draft has to offer.

Now Sampson may start off in your D-League program, but don't worry. If you remain patient, it will all pay off. JaKarr has a scary good ceiling, and if he can develop his skills in the D-League more than he did at St. John's, you could be reaping much greater rewards than that of fringe second-rounder.

One of the keys to keep your eyes on with your new player is whether or not he truly can develop.  In two years at St. John's, he saw a ton of offensive chances almost right away. But unfortunately, he never really lived up to his offensive potential in college. Yes, he averaged at least 12 points per games in both seasons, but he was never the most efficient scorer around New York City.  He never shot about 49.0 percent from the field, and never above 64.0 percent from the free throw line. He also does not have much offensive prowess from beyond the paint, and can become one-dimensional at times.

One NBA scout was quoted as saying that Sampson "has first round talent" though, so your investment could easily pay off in a big way.

You are also going to need to spend some time helping him bulk up. Currently, he only weighs in at 214 pounds so he does not have very much meat and muscle on his body. Therefore, with his weak outside offensive game and rather frail body, he could become very easy to stop for defensive players. As I previously mentioned, LeBron did have a very similar physique when he entered the league, but he was a better outside shooter. And, one more thing: he - got - huge.

So, NBA team, rejoice, because if you can find a way to develop Sampson beyond what he learned and took away from St. John's, you could have one of the best value picks in this year's draft.

On the other hand, if you don't find a way to help him fully develop, he could be doomed to the D-League for much of his plying career.

Good luck!