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So you drafted Georgetown's Markel Starks?

Markel Starks grew tremendously in four years at Georgetown. Now, the next level has arrived, and there is no doubt he will be hungry to keep building off of his collegiate career.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In last year's NBA Draft, former Georgetown Hoya Otto Porter was selected by the Washington Wizards. Although his contributions were slim, having suffered a rash of injuries and under-utilization, Porter represented yet another Big East name drafted in the Top 10 of the NBA Draft, as well as another Hoya making it to the NBA.

But now, it looks like that trend will come to a screeching halt. Markel Starks, point guard of the Hoyas for the last four seasons, may fall victim to going undrafted in the 2014 NBA Draft.

According to DraftExpress, Starks is not even ranked in their Top 60 prospects.

Starks, though, is a solid point guard in general. He is not the most efficient scorer, but he can get his teammates involved and plays well on the defensive end of the floor. One thing to note is that he has superb conditioning, and is able to log many minutes on the floor. In his senior of college, head coach John Thompson III made Starks play 37.0 minutes per game and he only sat out when he needed to.

No matter the situation, Starks was always the type of point guard that was mentally and physically tough.

When Starks first stepped onto the Georgetown campus, he was only playing 9.7 minutes a game in 2010, a far cry from how his career as a Hoya ended. Starks' shooting percentage did drop in his senior season at Georgetown though, as he was shooting 45.7 percent from the field in the 2012-13 season which tumbled down to 41.0 percent in his final year in Washington, D.C.

When watching Starks, he is the type of player who, when the game is on the line, plays up to caliber and excites the fans tremendously. He has a knack for quickly driving down the lane and can pull up from around the mid-range area and make his shots. He is a good leader on the court, too. When Georgetown had a losing streak this past season, Starks never wavered and helped the Hoyas down the stretch, though their efforts were simply not enough when the season was over.

While attending Georgetown Prep, Starks was being recruited by Connecticut, St. Joseph's (PA), Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and of course, Georgetown. By the list of schools, Starks was not being recruited as hard as he would have like, but committing to Georgetown paid off by being there for all four years.

When he gets to the next level, some of the things that Starks will need to work on are expanding his range and being more consistent on offense. There is no denying that he will most likely get a chance to join a summer league team, and have the spotlight on him to make good from it. There might be a chance that Starks gets to join his former teammate in Otto Porter, and net himself a chance on the Washington Wizards' summer league team. All things considered, his workout reportedly went very well with them.

If Starks gets drafted, or gets a chance on a summer league team, I expect him to be able to show that he is more than capable of making an NBA roster. Although he is not a pure point guard, he can succeed when he runs a pick-and-roll offense and in isolation scenarios as well. He is a good dribble-drive point guard, and although Starks is not the type that amazes people, he does the small things that do not always get recognized by that many people. If everything goes his way, I do expect him to surprise many people in and out of the Association.