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Expansion: More on the Big East's Plans: Boise and Two Leagues, One Umbrella

More details have come out about the Big East conference call. We wrote about the tentative division structure of a new Big East featuring 12 football teams without Boise State yesterday.

If Boise was to be added, Houston would not get added in the Western division or West Virginia would be moved East with Navy or Temple being the casualty in that division. The New York Daily News had reported that invites to Boise State and Temple were "imminent", but we're not sold on that just yet.

Navy could be bumped down the list of additions anyway if they continue to be reticent. Army (yeah that's not happening), East Carolina and Villanova are apparently the replacements in that scenario.

Tom Luicci says
In addition, the Big East’s long-term goal is to create two separate leagues under one umbrella, with the 12 football schools having a separate commissioner from the eight basketball schools. 
The sides would offer a united front during all future TV negotiations.

Two leagues, one umbrella. That's the first we've heard of this. What say you basketball schools? Give us some ideas for the other commissioner in the comments.

Here's the drawback on all of the plans proposed so far: schools continue to have wandering eyes.

The Big 12 is expected to stay at 10 members for the 2012 season, yet Louisville and West Virginia wouldn't mind an invite if there is one to be had.

Rutgers' athletic director Tim Pernetti might get the go-ahead today to look into the Scarlet Knights' conference options. Stay tuned.

Last but not least, we all know about UConn's as of yet unrequited love affair with the ACC. We didn't forget you Cincinnati and South Florida, we know you want out too.

So who wants to join the Big East under such conditions (as usual, there is no timetable on any plan)? C-USA members, you'll have to eat $7 million in exit fees. If this sounds like a mess, it's because it is.