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A Look at the Tentative Big East Football Divisions

The Big East intends to get to 12 teams in football. Taking a leap of faith that Louisville and West Virginia will still be in the conference (and a lesser leap that Boise State will not join/be invited), Tom Luicci gives us a view of what the football divisions could look like, though he notes that this could be blown up by somebody leaving.

New Big East
West East
Air Force Central Florida
Cincinnati Connecticut
Houston Navy
Louisville Rutgers
SMU South Florida
West Virginia Temple

What's this!? West Virginia in the West? To be fair, Luicci's article which was based on tentative discussions from the Big East conference call didn't have division names. However, look at it like this if the names are West and East: West Virginia has WEST right there in the name (our approximation of the potential Big East thinking on this). If you are looking at these two divisions, as my esteemed colleague Mengus pointed out, the West appears to be stacked. How would you arrange the divisions with these teams? What if the Big East lands Boise State and doesn't have SMU or Louisville or Houston? How would you lineup the teams in one of those scenarios? And how about some creative names? Craig James Division and ESPN Kept Us Here Division?