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Get to know an incoming recruit: Davion Mintz

The NC point guard aims to splash into Creighton’s scene

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Butler Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While the ivy-clad walls of Yale University may leave some in awe, Davion Mintz opted against New England pomp in favor of seeking prestige in Nebraska. Sporting the white and blue, Mintz is making his freshman debut for Creighton this season and promises to bring a “creative” shooting force to the team .

The 6’3 point guard from Huntersville, NC may have kept a fairly low profile on national recruiting radars, but Creighton fans have been quick to notice his presence on the court.

Their interest is substantiated. Averaging 9.3 points and 2.1 rebounds his sophomore year at North Mecklenburg High School, Mintz amped up these stats his junior year. Raising his impact to 12.3 points per game and doubling his rebound success rate, Mintz began to receive acclaim and all-district honors. Further pushing himself, Mintz capped his senior year averaging over 20 points per game and leading North Mecklenburg to a triumphanth season.

Citing Creighton’s “ability to shoots 3s” as a cornerstone of his interest with the school, Mintz undoubtedly will aim to continue those sweeping shots. Coach Greg McDermott noted that Mintz possess skillful “scoring and passing ability” and “appreciates the importance of being able to manage a team from the point guard position.”

Mintz’s malleability playing the court will be an asset to the Bluejays. Any player can hone and perfect sharp shooting, but Mintz’s ability to work the court to optimize and orchestrate plays will be particularly useful to coach McDermott’s squad. Nearly two months remain (!!) until fans can glimpse Mintz’s conductor skills in action; until then, we’ll have his “greatest hits” mixtape on repeat.