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Big East Baseball Power Rankings - Final Week of the Regular Season

A four team race to collect the final two slots to attend the Big East Tournament in Omaha adds a dramatic flair to the final week of conference play.

1. St. John's (33-14, 14-3 No. 75 RPI)

Last week:

05/05 vs Albany - W 8-7

05/08 vs Xavier - W 9-5

05/09 vs Xavier - W 5-0

05/10 vs Xavier - W 8-6

05/12 vs St. Peter's - W 6-4

St. John's claimed the regular season Big East crown with a sweep over reigning champ Xavier this past weekend. The Johnnies will be a tough out in the Big East tournament with sublime pitching, a pesky offense and a stellar defense. They also happen to be the hottest team in the Big East, going 13-2 in their last 15. Holy smokes are they good. They get to face off against cellar dweller of the Missouri Valley at home against Southern Illinois this weekend.

This week:

05/14-05/16 - Southern Illinois (11-41 No. 235 RPI)

2. Creighton (27-17, 10-4 No. 78 RPI)

Last week:

05/08 vs Nevada - L 5-4

05/09 vs Nevada - L 4-0

05/12 vs Arkansas- L 6-2

Creighton holds the number two slot and only needs to collect one victory this weekend against Villanova to solidify the 2-seed in the Big East tournament. With home field advantage and a shot at grabbing a bid for the NCAA tournament on the line in their hometown, Creighton will be a force to be reckoned with come tourny time, though they haven't been great as of late.

This week:

05/14-05/16 - Villanova (22-25, 7-8 No. 239 RPI)

3. Seton Hall (22-22, 7-8 No. 174 RPI)

Last week:

05/8 @ Villanova - L 7-5

05/09 @ Villanova - W 3-2

05/09 @ Villanova - L 12-10

Seton Hall will have to face Georgetown in their final weekend of Big East play. Tied at 7-8, the Pirates will have to keep the Hoyas from slamming dingers and knocking out their starting pitchers early. This matchup will be absolutely electric.

This week:

05/14-05/16 - Georgetown (24-24, 7-8 No. 173 RPI)

4. Georgetown (24-24, 7-8 No. 173 RPI)

Last week:

05/08 Butler - L 6-3

05/09 Butler - W 12-5

05/10 Butler - W 15-12

05/12 @ UMBC - L 4-1

Going to South Orange will be either a blessing or a curse. If the Seton Hall faithful show up in full force, Georgetown may have to face a Pirate team that has limped through the latter half of the Big East schedule, going 3-7 in their last 10, but may be privy to an immense home-field scenario. On the other hand, if the stadium remains relatively empty with few in attendance, it will be a boost not having to deal with a home crowd and being able to focus solely on the game. Georgetown has maintained a steady diet of big innings and solid pitching which has been the bane of Seton Hall's defense thus far. I expect the Hoyas to make a big push.

This week:

05/14-05/16 - @ Seton Hall (22-22, 7-8 No. 174 RPI)

5. Villanova (22-25, 7-8 No. 239 RPI)

Last week:

05/08 Seton Hall - W 7-5

05/09 Seton Hall - L 3-2

05/10 Seton Hall - W 12-10

05/12 St. Joe's - W 6-5

For Villanova to reach one of the top slots they'll need to win at least two games in Omaha this weekend against Creighton. Undoubtedly the second hottest team in the Big East right now, second to St. John's, the Wildcats have posted a 7-3 record in their last 10 games. If Villanova makes the field I'll be pleasantly surprised considering how poor they looked in their pre-season & non-conference performance.

This week:

05/14-05/16 - @ Creighton (27-17, 10-4 No. 78 RPI)

6. Butler (21-29, 6-9 No. 226 RPI)

Last week:

05/06 Dayton - W 8-1

05/08 @ Georgetown - W 6-3

05/09 @ Georgetown - L 12-5

05/10 @ Georgetown - L 15-12

05/12 Eastern Illinois - W 4-3

This is the greatest. Butler could potentially slide their way into the Big East tournament by sweeping or taking the series against Xavier (which, lets be honest, is a very good possibility) and having two of the 7-8 teams completely fall off the table by getting swept. I would love this if it happened, mainly because I'd love to see the top offensive squad in conference match up against the top two defensive squads in a ballpark where dingers are a relative rarity. I hope you're on board with this too, because you and I both love dingers, especially in a conference tournament where the stakes are SO HIGH.

This week:

05/14-05/16 - @ Xavier (14-36, 2-13 No. 220 RPI)

7. Xavier (14-36, 2-13 No. 220 RPI)

Last week:

05/08 @ St. John's - L 9-5

05/09 @ St. John's - L 5-0

05/10 @ St. John's - L 8-6

05/12 @ Cincinnati - W 5-1

I love you, Xavier. You were the easiest team to write about because you don't cause any drama. You're like a really cool roommate who brings home a case of beer and frequently goes on esoteric musings about supernovas and black holes. You're like the cute puppy who doesn't eat socks and only expels waste outdoors. You're my rock, Xavier.

This week:

05/14-05/16 - Butler (21-29, 6-9 No. 226 RPI)