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Who will win the Big East this year?

Your guess is just as good as ours, really.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Big East is a league full of hard, gritty animals chasing after one another day in and day out. While the top half of the conference is obviously very good, the bottom half of has sneaky good teams, and any team can come out and win the conference tournament. Each and every night, a team that you expect to win ends up losing the game. For example, Seton Hall has lost to DePaul twice in conference play. Seton Hall was favored to win both of those games.

Nothing in the conference comes easy. It is similar to a gritty Seattle Seahawks vs San Fransisco 49ers game, because when those two teams play each and every time, it is always physical. Well, right now, there is some clarity to which teams may come out of the conference to the NCAA Tournament. That includes Georgetown, Providence, Villanova and Butler. There is some uncertainty about which team will win the conference, though, because each week there is some type of new trend. But each team has the No.1 seed within the grasp.

The unknown of the conference is what makes it so fun to cover and watch. It's not like the SEC, where each and every night the team that Kentucky plays will always lose. The saying that Georgetown has, is, "New Big East, same old beast" is not just true about the Hoyas, though. It's true about the conference as whole. After Georgetown, who is in fourth place, the rest of the conference is still really competitive.

If you look records for teams like Creighton, Marquette, St John's, and Xavier, these teams challenge the top four teams in the conference. Seton Hall and DePaul have a chance at getting that fourth spot, because Georgetown's next two road games are tough. Both home games and away games are tough, ask any coach in the conference about the rejuvenated conference. The national attention that the conference gets is really good because it shows how much of an unknown it is as to who will win.

For each of the teams battling each to take that spot from Villanova, mistakes have to be limited. The next big game in the conference is Georgetown vs. Villanova on Saturday. That game will get a lot of attention, because it is two ranked (for now) teams. Everyone chose the Wildcats to get the victory in Washington, DC, but they ended up losing, of course. Now, this game is an unknown. There are a lot of key games in conference play. The one thing that is different is the toughness of the nonconference schedule.

As we head to the end of the season, there will be a lot of shakeups and changes in the rankings. The big question is who will be No.1 in the conference. For now, all fans of the conference can just sit, watch and wait until the conference ends.