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Get to Know a Recruit: DePaul's Erten Gazi

DePaul went international to find one of their recruits.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout college basketball, more and more teams are starting to recruit internationally. Baylor and Gonzaga have great Canadian pipelines, top recruit Ben Simmons is from Australia, and AP All-American Buddy Hield is from the Bahamas.

DePaul's roster will also include a foreign born player this year, as two-star guard Erten Gazi comes to the Blue Demons from Istanbul, Turkey.

Gazi was born in Cyprus, a Turkish state along the Mediterranean. His parents are both former college athletes, as his father played volleyball and his mother participated in track and field. Outside of this information, not too much more is known about Gazi off the court.

On the court, though, is a different story. Gazi played for Turkey in the 2015 U18 FIBA Championships. He averaged 5.6 points and 2.8 rebounds per game en route to Turkey's championship appearance. Highlights of Gazi from the U18 Championships can be found below.

In 16 minutes of action in DePaul's exhibition game against Caldwell, Gazi scored one point, had one assist, and racked up four turnovers and three fouls.

Gazi has some things he could polish in his game, as do most international players coming over to play in the United States, but if Dave Leitao and his staff can develop Gazi's raw skills, he may very well end up being a great player for DePaul down the line.