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Three Reasons for Optimism: Georgetown Hoyas

Devonte Brooks writes that there are three reasons (of possibly many) to be optimistic about the chances for the Georgetown Hoyas in the 2014-15 season.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This year could be a big year for the Georgetown Hoyas. With the addition of several impact-making freshmen, and the return of their big man, a rebound from a dismal season on The Hilltop is looking likely.

Here are three reasons why Hoyas fans should be optimistic going into the year.

1. The Return of Joshua Smith

Smith, who had difficulty in the classroom a year ago, looks to be back and well prepared for the upcoming season. A powerful force when he was with the team, Smith dropped pounds over the summer and could prove to be an impact player in 2014 if things pan out well, as he should be able to take control of the many advantages he will have inside. With Smith, the one thing that he will need to do is stay in shape, and if things go right, Smith can be a top player in the conference with the ample of amount of scoring opportunities he will get.

2. The Terrific Trawick

Another reason to be positive about this season is the play of Jabril Trawick. There are not a lot of shooting guards that have the strength of Trawick, who I will compare to Jeff Green in a way because they both like to attack and are good in the mid-range area. Should Jabril's play improve this year, look out.

3. L.J. Peak

The last and final reason is the excitement that freshman L.J. Peak will bring. The main focus in his game is his ability to attack the basket, and with him and D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera playing together at times, it should bring aboard lots of fun. Peak is super athletic and might have some players on his poster this year, because that is all I have really seen him do. He does have a little perimeter game, but tends to live at the free throw line.

Agree with any of the reasons for optimism? Have some of your own? Discuss in the comments section below!