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Georgetown will face Towson Tigers on December 7

The nonconference matchup was announced on Monday afternoon.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Towson Tigers men's basketball team announced on Monday that they will face the Georgetown Hoyas on December 7, 2014 for the BB&T Classic.

It was known that these two teams would play this upcoming season, but the date of the contest was not unveiled. Georgetown, who has not released it's nonconference schedule, will release in a few weeks according to a source.

This is really good because we get to see two former high school teammates go at it. Freshman guard Tre Campbell will go against fellow freshman Mike Morsell, who went to St John's College High School in Washington, D.C. will be going head to head. This will be a fun battle to see them and we may see Morsell guard Campbell maybe once or twice.

This is the second announced matchup of the 2014 nonconference slate for the Hoyas. The other is against Kansas, as the Jayhawks will be making the trek to the Verizon Center this winter.