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Georgetown: Can Josh Smith end his college career on a good note?

The Hoyas big man needs to be a force for the Hoyas if they want to have success in the 2014 season.

Stephen Dunn

The 2013-14 season was a tough pill to swallow for Georgetown Hoyas big man Joshua Smith. Having transferred from UCLA, Smith was supposed to be a big part of the Hoyas offense, but was thrust to the sidelines due to academic problems. The Hoyas could have had an added dimension in the paint, but Smith was stuck on the bench.

Before Smith was ruled out of action, Georgetown was 10-3. He averaged 11.5 points and 3.4 rebounds, and shot 65 percent from the field, which are pretty good numbers for someone with his size and the ability to finish around the rim.

This year will be really important for Smith, as he will be a big part of the Georgetown offense. They will not be running a lot of sets, but it will be better because of the free-flowing style with a heavy emphasis on ball movement.

One thing to watch this upcoming season is if Smith can run the floor well. Based on photos that Georgetown has posted of the Hoyas, it appears that Smith has trimmed down which could prove to be a good sign for him. That being said, if he pairs that with a good mindset, he can really be an effective big man for the Hoyas; something that they have been no stranger to in prior years.

The expectations for Smith are simple, and I think that he can be productive on the court. Smith will be a force down low in the paint with his size, and he will be able to take advantage of the matchups he will face. And should Smith play at a highly effective level, Georgetown could not only have a good season, but a great season.

Looking at the roster, this team can finish in the top half of the conference, perhaps even 1-3. But it all revolves around the play of Smith.