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Villanova: Arcidiacono must deviate from Wildcats point guards of past years

In order to have success this season, Ryan Arcidiacono must become the type of point guard seldom seen in the Jay Wright era.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Over the Jay Wright Era, many of the point guards he brings in have been known for offense. In fact, the three most notable of the era: Allan Ray, Kyle Lowry and Scottie Reynolds, averaged a combined 13.7 points per game over their careers. Unlike these players, current Villanova Wildcats point guard Ryan Arcidiacono must instead play a different role if he wants to make as positive an impact as possible.

In order to make the biggest and best impact that he can this season, Arcidiacono must instead become a "true point guard," in which he gets his teammates involved instead of himself.

Last season he took a major step forward and post some of the best numbers of his career, especially for someone who needs to develop into that previously mentioned role in the next two seasons. His points were down, but it was more because he was attempting one shot less a game and almost two free throws less a game. His shooting percentage on the other hand went up from both the field and from beyond the 3-point arc. Meanwhile, his assist numbers didn't increase at all, but he did cut his turnover rate nearly in half.

Now for Arcidiacono, the main problem he had his freshman season centered around trying to make too many plays on offense, resulting in a worse shooting percentage and more turnovers. While he does have the capability to put up points, with the guys surrounding him, he needs to focus on creating shots for others around him instead of for himself.

This Wildcats' team boasts a number of high volume scorers, whether it be Darrun Hilliard, JayVaughn Pinkston or Josh Hart, although Hart must prove that he can produce on a regular basis as a starter. Therefore, with the offensive talent surrounding him, Arcidiacono needs to focus this season on becoming a better passer and assist man while keeping his turnover rate low.

If Arch can improve on his point guard skills and make the guys around him better, the Wildcats could easily boast the one of the best and most lethal offenses in all of college basketball this season.