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Georgetown: Tre Campbell meets face-to-face with reality

During Kenner League, reality settled in for Tre Campbell. Now, he waits for the college season to begin.


Tre Campbell, the short, muscular freshman from Washington, D.C., took his first dribble as a college basketball player at McDonough Arena on the campus of Georgetown University.

As the game began, Tre was not looking like himself. It seemed like he was either nervous, or reality was finally getting to him that he was playing college basketball, even if it had not been in the confines of the Verizon Center. Shots were not falling for him, even though he the field goal attempts he took were far from poor.

Tre was being more of an passer than he was a scorer. Knowing him personally, he probably was letting everything sink in because he has been waiting for this for a long time. He had to be waiting for about a year or so after committing to the Georgetown Hoyas on May 8, 2013, and his first dribble as a college player came on July 5, 2014.

Campbell finished his first in the Kenner League with seven points, four rebounds, and two assists. While he was okay in that first contest, many knew that he could be even better. He might not have been wearing a Hoya jersey yet, but being inside McDonough Arena gave him a glimpse of what was to come.

Sunday was a day that he looked like he was starting to settle in. He was aggressive in getting to the rim and dishing the ball out to his teammates. 12 points, five assists and two rebounds later, Campbell looked to have found his groove.

Tre improved a lot during the course of Kenner League play and many noticed a vast difference in what he was doing. Campbell did not seem nervous anymore, and settled down into his style of play: an aggressive type of point guard that can dish the ball out and get to the rim.

Tre averaged 16.7 points per game and shot 75 percent from the field during the entirety of play. For a freshman with his size and skill, those are good numbers. The growth he has made is amazing.There is a bunch of supporters behind him from high school and AAU. Everyone wants him to succeed and he wants to be successful.

His goal, like for a lot of college players, is to make it to the NBA. Playing pro is his dream, but now living in the moment is what he is doing. There is something special about Campbell, and reality will really hit him even harder is when he is working out with the whole team and the coaches.