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NBA Draft 2014: Bryce Cotton reportedly joins Spurs

The former Friars star has joined the defending NBA Champions, according to a report by the Providence Journal.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Providence Friars' star point guard Bryce Cotton went without his name being called in the 2014 NBA Draft on Thursday evening. Nearly 24 hours later, it appears he may have finally landed a destination.

The much-accomplished point guard is heading to the San Antonio Spurs, per a report from the Providence Journal's Kevin McNamara.

McNamara would later add a very interesting nugget regarding Cotton and NBA teams' willingness to take him on:

This seems to add fuel to the fire that Cotton was not thought highly by many going into the 2014 NBA Draft. Cotton was ranked No. 71 by DraftExpress in their Top 100 prospects board, and was not projected by several experts to be drafted.

The report has yet to be fully confirmed, and we will be sure to update you if Cotton is indeed headed to the Vegas Summer League with the San Antonio Spurs.