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Big East Coaching Rumors

All the Big East teams are out of the Big Dance, but that doesn't mean things have slowed down in the past 24 hours.

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On Friday, Marquette coach Buzz Williams headed to Virginia Tech to take the helm for the Hokies. The Golden Eagles aren't taking that lying down, however, as Marquette instantly reached out to former Pitt and UCLA head coach Ben Howland.

Within the past few hours, rumors have flown around Twitter alleging that Marquette has now balked at Howland's high price tag and have another big name in their sights: VCU coach Shaka Smart. Needless to say, landing Smart would be a huge power move from a program that disappointed this season. And it might just be a done deal:

With potentially one splash hire joining the Big East, Xavier coach Chris Mack is rumored to be in the running for the Wake Forest job, potentially opening up a number of talented recruits including Butler target Trevon Bluiett. Stay tuned to the BECB Twitter account and this site for updates as we try to forget that only Georgetown is still representing the conference on the court.