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Daily Links: Tuesday December 3, 2013

You get a link! You get a link! Everybody gets a link!

Andrzej Olszewsk -Flickr

After a hectic week filled with tournaments, buzzer beaters, and finding out Doug McDermott is human this week should be much less chaotic. Most Big East schools would welcome that after what transpired this past week.

Onto the links!

* Greg Whittington was kicked off Georgetown a few days ago.

* Jon Rothstein interviewed Providence head coach Ed Cooley to discuss their injury and suspension issues.

* Seton Hall had a horrid week that ended with a loss to Fairleigh Dickinson. Chris McManus breaks down all the chaos quite well.

* It's Badger Hate Week for Marquette fans, so be sure to keep up with Anonymous Eagle all week to prepare accordingly.

* Villanova forward James Bell was named Big East & Big 5 Player of the Week.

* Brett Koremenos put together a really get piece on Doug McDermott over at Grantland.

* Seton Hall had a rough week, but Xavier was right there with them. Brad D breaks down why the Musketeers fell apart in the Bahamas.

Happy Tuesday!