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Boise State Athletic Director: 'Before We Make Any Move, We Need To Make Sure We Cover All Our Expenses'

The Big East needs an 8th team for the 2012 football season in the worst way. Boise State is the obvious target we'd like to see brought in, fever dreams aside. So what's stopping the Broncos from saying they are on there way already?

Boise State athletic director Mark Coyle told the Idaho Statesman

"Before we make any move, we need to make sure we cover all our expenses," Coyle said. "If a transition takes place now, there are expenses we need to cover before we make a move."

If Boise State wants to leave the Mountain West early, the estimated figure is $7.5-9 million. The Broncos would also have to pay the WAC to drop their other sports in that league. The WAC of course is losing commissioner Karl Benson to the Sun Belt and both the WAC and the Sun Belt could be raided by whatever the Mountain West and Conference USA merger will be called.

All of this fluidity begs the question, will there actually be an entity for Boise State to pay an exit fee to? In addition, Syracuse athletic director Darryl Gross said there's no way his school is playing Rutgers twice in 2012. So, let's figure this Boise to the Big East in 2012 thing out, shall we?

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