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Big East football divisions approved, East-West format with Temple in West division

Cincinnati President Santa Ono just Tweeted a picture containing a layout of the future Big East football divisions. As has been reported, there will be an East-West format with Temple being the geographical oddity playing in the West division in 2013 and 2014. Once additional expansion occurs and Navy joins the league in 2015, the divisions will likely change a little and it's hard to imagine Temple staying in the West. However, for now, that's where they are.

For ease of travel and for the sake of rivalry development, it's easy to see the logic in keeping Houston-SMU, Louisville-Cincinnati, USF-UCF, Boise State-San Diego State, and Rutgers-UConn in the same divisions. If there are permanent opponents, I wouldn't be shocked to see Memphis-Louisville be designated as such. The others will be hard to predict.