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Big East, West Virginia Ordered To Enter Non-Binding Mediation

The Big East conference and West Virginia University have been ordered to enter into non-binding mediation by Rhode Island Superior Court judge Michael Silverstein. We last heard a ruling from Silverstein on Dec. 27, 2011, when he denied West Virginia's motion to dismiss the Big East's lawsuit against the school.

In addition to the mediation order, Silverstein also ordered the Big East to answer West Virginia's suit against the conference in Monongalia County Circuit Court in West Virginia by Jan. 18. The Big East's motion to dismiss West Virginia's lawsuit was previously denied by that court. Silverstein will check on the status of his orders in a conference scheduled for Feb. 9.

Non-binding mediation, huh? Well that's nice, but we're ready to see some real action in these parts, one way or the other.

Check back with us as we'll have more on this legal battle as West Virginia tries to get into the Big XII by next season.

For more coverage West Virginia's attempt to leave the Big East early, stay tuned to our Big East Falls Apart section.