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2012 NFL Draft: Mohamed Sanu Projected As First-Round Pick In Latest Mock Drafts

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Former Rutgers Scarlet Knights Wide receiver Mohamed Sanu's 2012 NFL Draft status is looking up after the latest mock drafts.

Last week, we pointed out that Sanu was not projected as a first-round pick. Instead he was an early second-rounder.

In the latest mock drafts at Sports Illustrated and Mocking The Draft, Sanu was projected to go as high as 27th.

Sports Illustrated's Andrew Perloff had Sanu going to the Houston Texans at 27th.

He said

The Texans are looking for a tall, fast receiver and the 6-2 Sanu will add a needed dimension to a productive offense. Sanu had 115 catches last season, and could move up if he comes up with a dazzling 40.

In the latest mock draft at Mocking The Draft (which did not project trades), Sanu was slotted as the 28th pick (San Francisco 49ers). They said about Sanu

San Francisco has been searching for a top WR for a long time. Michael Crabtree didn't work out as expected and the veterans they have brought in haven't fared much better. Sanu isn't the downfield threat some 49er fans covet, but he's got a great skill set and a knack for finding holes in the opponent's defense. He'd be a perfect fit in Jim Harbaugh's West Coast Offense and will give Alex Smith a quality receiver other than TE Vernon Davis.

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