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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Rutgers' Mohamed Sanu Not Projected As First-Rounder

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights lost Mohamed Sanu to the 2012 NFL Draft earlier today when the junior wide receiver decided to forego his senior year.

Sanu will have to wait until April 26-28 when the 2012 NFL Draft takes place to find out if he can be a first-round selection. In the meantime, there will be plenty of 2012 NFL mock drafts to take in. The SB Nation draft specialists at Mocking The Draft met today's news by saying about Sanu

He optimistically projects as a late first-round pick but gets out-shined by bigger, faster wide receivers like Blackmon and Notre Dame's Michael Floyd. Sanu was at his best this season when Rutgers ran him on shallow crossing routes. It showed Sanu isn't afraid to go over the middle and can make catches in traffic.

In SB Nation's initial 2012 NFL Mock Draft, Sanu was not selected in the first round. Mocking The Draft's most recent mock draft back in December projected Sanu as a second-round pick the (35th overall selection) to the Minnesota Vikings.

Sanu still has the NFL Combine and Rutgers' Pro Day ahead of him to try to improve his draft position. If it were up to us, we'd probably risk a first-round pick on Sanu.

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