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Big 12 Expansion On Hold, Big East Offering Temple Full Membership?

According sources contacted by the Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy, the Big XII is going to wait on expansion until Missouri figures out whether or not they are going to stay in the league. Meanwhile, the Big East presidents are going to meet on Sunday in Washington, D.C., and could be voting on extending full membership to Temple. The conference will also be looking for more commitment from Connecticut and Rutgers. Louisville is apparently committed to helping the Big East survive (no I don't know if Rick Pitino was the source on this).

DeCourcy's Big XII source said the conference is targeting BYU or TCU as a 10th member. Louisville is a target if expansion to 12 occurs. The Big XII-Big East merger idea that was floated and killed after the Big East had a meeting in NYC, is apparently still dead.

What do you think, does Temple have enough votes to become a full member? Will UConn and Rutgers say ok, we're in? When can we get back to talking about football?