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Big East Presidents Meet on Sunday

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This is not so much breaking news as it is a reminder: the Big East presidents are meeting on Sunday. The presidents were previously scheduled to meet in November but then the conference started falling apart so last Tuesday, they decided to bump up the meeting.

VU Hoops is suggesting that the athletic directors might be going along to the meeting tooAir Force reportedly has an offer to join the Big East, so that might be something which finds its way on the meeting agenda. But, as you might remember, last week Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino said he was told Navy and Air Force would join by the end of the week. As you might have noticed, that didn't happen. Yesterday, South Florida president Judy Genshaft said schools in states where the Big East is already located are not being considered for expansion right now.

While we wait for football games to start this week we fondly remember one of these presidents' meetings that resulted in giving "the blessing" (remember how many Catholic basketball schools are in the Big East, after all) to expand the conference. That "blessing" was what brought in TCU. Ah, memories...