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Big East Not Considering Schools Within Current Big East States

The South Florida president Judy Genshaft told Florida legislators that the school is not blocking Central Florida's path into the Big East. Instead

What is happening is the league, or the conference, now is looking at schools and they have looked very much at schools that are not in any of the states that are represented by the Big East schools right now. The ones that they're looking at right now, they do not sit in any state that the Big East schools currently are in.

Does "any of the states" just refer to football members? I doubt it. So that would mean no dice UCF, Houston (I assume Texas is counted because of TCU because I'm pessimistic) Army (which is supposedly not interested in joining a conference anyway) and Temple. Who could be left among teams I've seen floated? Air Force, East Carolina, Memphis and Navy. I guess the Big East could also be revisiting letting Villanova in as a full member once they move up to FBS. I hope Genshaft isn't accurate though because the Big East is in NO position to say that they won't consider adding a school in a state they are already in.

Do you think the Big East has any interest in survival given that they are limiting their plans like this?