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West Virginia Picked to win Big East at 2011 Big East Media Day

In a surprise to no one, West Virginia was picked by the media at Big East Media Day to win the Big East in 2011. Connecticut being ahead of Louisville was a bit of an upset in my eyes as I just don't know where the points are going to come from for the Huskies. My guess is that the media members who voted didn't want to put the defending champ in last place. We didn't have that problem here at SB Nation. Perhaps, we'll be wrong and the Huskies will perform better than expected on offense.

The projected order of finish and votes was as follows (first place votes in brackets):


  1. West Virginia 188 (21)
  2. Pittsburgh 162 (2)
  3. South Florida 151 (1)
  4. Syracuse 98
  5. Cincinnati 96
  6. Connecticut 76
  7. Louisville 60
  8. Rutgers 33


On BECB's personal ballot posted before Big East Media Day, we agreed with the West Virginia pick but had Connecticut finishing last instead of Rutgers.

Here was how the Big East schools on SB Nation voted in our aggregated preseason poll:


  1. West Virginia
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. South Florida
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Syracuse
  6. Louisville
  7. Rutgers
  8. Connecticut