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SB Nation Big East Preseason Rankings

The votes are in, and here is the SB Nation Big East Preseason ranking as voted on by your SB Nation Big East bloggers.

SB Nation Big East Preseason Ranking
1. West Virginia
2. Pittsburgh
3. South Florida
4. Cincinnati
5. Syracuse
6. Louisville
7. Rutgers
8. Connecticut

A couple of quick observations on the voting. 


  • Nearly unanimous at the top of the ballot. West Virginia was picked first by all but two voters, both of whom chose South Florida as their top ranked team.
  • West Virginia had the least amount of variance. The Mountaineers were only ranked lower than second on one ballot.
  • Every ballot had Connecticut or Rutgers ranked last. No one else was ranked eighth on any ballot. Seventh, on the other hand, alternated between Rutgers, Connecticut, and Louisville. 
  • The highest swing was also Rutgers, who was ranked as low as eighth and as high as third (looking at you On the Banks).
  • Everyone seems pretty confident that Cincinnati will have a good, bounce back season. The Bearcats lowest ranking was sixth, on a single ballot. Every other ballot had them fifth or better. 
  • On the flip side, everyone expect Connecticut to fall off of a cliff. The Huskies were ranked sixth on a single ballot. On all others, they were ranked seventh or eighth. 
  • Syracuse bounced comfortably between fourth through sixth on all ballots, showing that everyone seems to agree that the Orange will once again be a solid team that doesn't take a step backward, but doesn't quite contend for the Big East either. 

Did we blow it? Let us know where you'd rank the teams and help us see the error of our ways.

Here are the ballots for those who posted them. 

Cardiac Hill (Pittsburgh)

Down the Drive (Cincinnati)

Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician (Syracuse)

On the Banks (Rutgers)

Voodoo Five (USF)