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Reserve Your Spot in Our EA Sports NCAA 2012 Big East Online Dynasties

Since Pat and I own a PS3 and an Xbox 360 respectively, we're happy to announce that we're going to each host an official Big East Coast Bias online dynasty for the soon to be released NCAA Football 2012 game. Here's what we'll do and then we want to hear from you on the setup for the rest.

  • We'll automatically move TCU into the Big East this season to give everyone the feel for how the conference will be in the future.
  • Since we're the hosts, I will control Louisville in the xbox dynasty, Pat will control Cincinnati in the PS3 dynasty. You're free to scramble for control of the other teams in the league from there.
  • We'll move the dynasty along fairly regularly, and not monkey with the default settings too terribly much. The dynasty will be All-American difficulty level to mirror that of ranked matches you might play.
  • The rest is where you come in! The question for our readers is, do you want to go ahead and expand the Big East to 10 or even 12 teams and host a conference title game? Perhaps a 16 team super-conference? Remember, there are a ton of options for the numbers of teams and which teams can be accommodated.
  • Once you vote in the poll for how many teams you want, tell us in the comments which team(s) you want us to add. Do you want UCF? Houston? Temple? Do you want to use Teambuilder to create Villanova and add them? Let us know and we'll customize it to fit.
  • If you want to commit to sticking with the dynasty and want to reserve a specific team, email us at the blog's email address bigeastcoastbias at gmail dot com, or hit us up on Twitter @becb_sbn and tell us who you want to be. We'll try our best to be first come first serve for reserving teams.

If you want to review, you can look back at our review of the team ratings on NCAA Football 2012.

Look forward to hearing from you and to whipping you on the dynasties.