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Big East Team Rankings on NCAA 2012 - West Virginia and the Seven Identical Dwarfs

It's almost the time of year where I go into denial that I am 32 years old and play video games wait in line at midnight and buy the annual edition of the one X-Box game I own: NCAA Football. The 2012 edition is as up to date and intricate as ever, even allowing you to manipulate the size and make up of conferences. As a teaser, here's a look at each team's rating for the game.

Rank Team Team Offense Defense Special Teams Prestige
26 West Virginia B+ B+ B B 4
46 Pittsburgh B+ B+ B+ B- 3
47 Connecticut B+ B B+ B 3
62 Louisville B B- B B 3
63 Syracuse B- B C+ B- 3
66 South Florida B+ B B B 3
69 Cincinnati B+ B+ B- B- 3
74 Rutgers B B+ B- B 3

We could quibble with the rankings all day, so, please, rip the hell out of them in the comments. My initial reaction? Not sure what gives Rutgers a B+ rating on offense when the Scarlet Knights got sacked 450 times last season. Lot of faith in Savon Huggins? What do you think? UConn at number 47 makes even less sense to me. Love the defense. Love every defense that will face them too. Syracuse as a C+ defense is too low. USF with just a B defense, also too low. We also don't think the game is giving the Holgorsen factor nearly enough credit.