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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft - Round Five Selection - West Virginia

We've made our round five selection in the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: West Virginia.

A little theme music:

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Country Roads (via punks0914)

We didn't just make the selection because Bob Huggins coaches basketball like this or because Dana Holgorsen coaches football like this...or even because the Mountaineers decided to sell beer at football games.

West Virginia has 691 wins in football (we know, it's the most wins without a national title). Bob Huggins also has 691 career wins and no national title. Coincidence? In any event, West Virginia has made a couple of Final Fours and had a basketball player by the name of Jerry West who just happens to be the NBA logo. The top five rushers in Big East football history list is dominated by the Mountaineers who make up four of the top five. That Sugar Bowl against Georgia was pretty cool too.

West Virginia finished 39th in the Director's Cup, if you care about such things. If you go back to our Louisville pick in round three, we clearly do care.

Then there's the issue of money: the Mountaineers football program brought in $15.1 million in profit in 2009-2010, making it the 24th most profitable program in the country. The basketball team (the 57th most profitable program) raked in another $6.9 million in profit over the same period of time.

To recap, Conference TMZ has taken: Ohio State, Florida State, Louisville, Michigan State and West Virginia.

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