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BECB Selects Louisville in Round Three of SB Nation Conference Re-Draft

With the fourth pick in the third round of the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft, Big East Coast Bias selected the Louisville Cardinals.

"Wait what?", you say.

Yes. We picked Louisville. The Cardinals ranked 32nd in the Director's Cup. That is the highest of any full Big East member. Louisville has played in a BCS bowl, final four, women's final four, men's soccer national title game, and a college world series in the past five years.

Louisville is also flush with basketball money. How much money, you ask?

Kristi Dosh of the Business of College says:

Not only is Louisville basketball the most profitable basketball program in the country, it's more profitable than the football program at any Big East school. It's also more profitable than any football program in the ACC or PAC-10! Keep in mind, these numbers were for the season before Louisville basketball began play in a new arena.

The $16.8 million in profit that Louisville basketball turned in 2009-10 ranked them 21st out of the 50 most profitable college programs. Football brought in another $3.3 million in profit over the same period. Let's reiterate, the KFC money hasn't been stacked up yet.

This draft isn't simply about football before you start in with the negativity about this selection (but go ahead anyway if you'd like, we have other selections to make after all).

Go over to Card Chronicle and make yourself at home and help yourself to the free KFC because that's where the extra money is about to come from.