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Chris Jacobson and Brandon Lindsey are Phil Steele 2011 Preseason All-Americans

Despite all the West Virginia players dotting the Big East Preseason All Big East First Team list, Phil Steele's 2011 Preseason All-America team features only two Big East players, both from Pittsburgh.

Panthers Offensive Guard Chris Jacobson is on the third team offense.

Pitt Linebacker Brandon Lindsey made the fourth team defense as a defensive lineman. We're not about to give back the Lindsey listing just because of the inconvenient fact that he is moving to linebacker.

Lindsey's new position is a hybrid position is called the "Panther Linebacker" which will be "exactly" how Lamarr Woodley plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As Lindsey describes it

I’ll still be the 4th lineman, but I need to be versatile enough to stop the run as well as drop into coverage. I’m going to be coming from the outside, the middle and the other side and bringing a lot of pressure, but making sure we disguise it so they can’t pinpoint where I’m coming from.