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Live 2011 NFL Draft Coverage on SBN & BECB

The NFL Draft begins tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern. BECB will put up its first ever open thread for this event. In the meantime you can check out SB Nation's NFL Hub for all the latest developments or Mocking The Draft to catch up on a plethora of mock drafts to find out who your team might take. You can also check out their 2011 NFL Draft Scouting Reports.

As we said yesterday, we believe Jonathan Baldwin of Pittsburgh could sneak into the first round as a surprise selection. Well, today, there's even more of a buzz behind that possibility. The teams I've seen mentioned in these mock drafts are the Atlanta Falcons and the Chicago Bears. If Baldwin does go in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, then the streak of first round picks for the Big East (2007-2010) will continue. And let's face it, Pitt kind of needs to make it up to the conference by rolling out these 2010 championship rings.

And if your team is thinking of drafting Jake Locker, well, see the video below for your theme music.