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Big East NFL Draft Picks Since 2000

A Rivals article published yesterday listed all the NFL Draft picks by team since 2000. Here at BECB, we're putting all the Big East selection number ranks in a handy list for you. As for this year, it seems like the Big East won't have any players going in the first round. However, Pittsburgh WR Jonathan Baldwin could be a surprise first-rounder.

Big East NFL Draft Picks Since 2000, first round picks in brackets (tiebreaker: first round picks)

1. Pittsburgh 29 (3)

2. Louisville 29 (2)

3. Syracuse 24 (3)

4. Cincinnati 21 (0)

5. West Virginia 18 (2)

6. Rutgers 17 (3)

7. USF 16 (2)

8. UConn 11 (1)

As you look at this list one thing becomes clear, Cincinnati needs to step its game up. The Bearcats have not had a first round NFL Draft pick since DT Bob Bell was selected in NINETEEN SEVENTY-ONE (1971). The Big East as a whole has not been blanked in the first round since 2006. A shutout in the 2011 NFL Draft would be a shame as the Big East has had three first round selections in both 2009 (Donald Brown; Eric Wood; Kenny Britt) and 2010 (Anthony Davis; Jason Pierre-Paul; Devin McCourty).