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West Virginia's Bob Huggins Prefers a 10 Team Basketball League

If West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins had his way, the Big East (we presume he meant the Big East) would have 10 basketball members. Each team would play the other schools twice in conference play to make for easy scheduling and "a true champion."

With 10 teams you can have a true champion. A lot of times with these big leagues the best team doesn't win the regular season because of scheduling.

If he prefers ten teams, what does Huggins think about 20 teams? "Why the hell have a league? Why don't we all just go independent?" But let's say the Big East does get stuck with 20 basketball playing members, how would Huggins handle that? He joked that all the teams should be invited and get 500 tickets to the "two-week [Big East] tournament."

When asked about Pittsburgh and Syracuse going to the ACC, Huggins said "We had a great thing going." Huggins has experience with switching conferences (and the latest rumor is that his team will be in a new one no matter what the Big East does in the way of expansion). Huggins elaborated

In my eight years at Cincinnati, I was in three different leagues, so I am a veteran when it comes to league switching. When I was at Akron, we went from the Northeast Conference to the Mid-American Conference, and never played a game in the Northeast Conference.

Huggins' Mountaineers were picked 7th in the Big East Coaches' Preseason Poll and in the media poll.