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Louisville and West Virginia to the Big XII No Matter What?

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Remember how the Big East delayed sending out invites to schools because it didn't want to overshadow Big East basketball media day today? Well, too bad realignment rumors win the day once again.

While everyone in the Big East leadership is in NYC today talking about how great the 2011-2012 season is going to be and Rick Pitino is taking shots at Pitt, conference realignment rumors continue to swirl. The latest from the New York Post is that even if the Big East conference adds Air Force, Boise State, Central Florida, Houston, Navy, and SMU, Louisville and West Virginia will still be headed to the Big XII. That rumor comes from not one but "two sources with direct knowledge of where the Big East stands."

Without referencing the New York Times directly, the Post acknowledged their report stating that Missouri's application to the SEC is "imminent."

And what would the Big East do in response to losing Louisville and West Virginia?

"The Big East would then turn to Temple and hope Army can be convinced to join its football brethren. Most likely the Big East football conference will break and the league will go back to its basketball roots."

So much for not overshadowing basketball's media day.