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Expansion: Big East to Vote on Exit Fee Increase Monday

The AP got a leak from the Big East (an official) that the conference will vote on Monday to increase the exit fee from $5 million to $10 million thus "clearing the way to invite six new members, including Boise State for football only." As you might recall Navy, one of the schools to be invited, wanted the exit fee increased to settle their nerves about joining the Big East. Yesterday, ESPN reported five bids were already sent out. However, those were listed as "conditional invitations" to Air Force, Boise State, Houston and SMU. If they accept, then the exit fee will be raised. That was the story according to ESPN, at least.

The list of the six schools to be invited now or Monday (or let's face it, whenever) are: Air Force, Boise State and Navy as football only members and Central Florida, Houston and SMU as full members. The Mountain West and Conference USA announced their football merger yesterday during a conference call. All of the schools but Navy belong to one of those two conferences. Air Force and Boise State would not be allowed to keep their other sports in the Mountain West.

The AP report seems to assume the exit fee will be raised. We don't know what to think at this point. Let's get back to watching football.